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Lightning protection by the specialist only - safety by quality    

Because only they have the experience and knowledge necessary for
safely installation of most modern lightning protection systems.
We are specialists in the designing of lightning protection systems.

Lightning protection systems are designed by us in accordance with the specific requirements and constructed in compliance with the latest European and international standards (DIN VDE, IEC, CENELEC). Thoroughly and expertly.

We have long practical experience of more than 50 years. It goes without saying that we are a member of several committees and working groups of European and international standard committees for "lightning protection"(DIN-VDE, CENELEC, IEC). This ensures that we are always familiar with the latest state of engineering and the latest standards.

Lightning protection without compromise

It is the sense and purpose of lightning protection to protect men, livestock, and material assets from direct and subsequent damages by lightning. Lightning protection systems are efficacious only when they are carried out in an expert manner.

They must comprise the following items:

1. Air-termination system on the roof
2. Down-conductor system from the roof
3. Earth-termination system
4. Lightning equipotential bonding

Components 1 to 3 belong to the so-called external lightning protection intended to intercept and ground the lightning without endangering the object to be protected.

Component 4, the so-called internal lightning protection, comprises measures which prevent breakdowns between metal parts inside the volume to be protected, as a result of influenced or induced voltages. Such breakdowns can result in destructions and – in the case of flammable substances – in fire.

A workmanlike lightning protection systems pays. In any case.

Compared to possible lightning damages, the expenses for a lightning protection system are less than small. According to the kind of the building to be protected, they amount to about 0.3 to 0.8 % of the overall construction expenses. And they are even less when the lightning protection system is provided for from the very beginning.

Basic representation of a lightning protection system according to DIN EN 62305-3 (VDE 0185-305-3) protection level III on a brick building 30 m in length, 15 m in width and 20 m in height:


        External lightning protection:

  1. interception conductors (arrangement in the form of a grid max. 15 x 15 m)
  2. air terminal for chimney
  3. interception device for roof superstructures more than 30 cm in height (direct connection in the case of metal)
  4. down conductors (max. 20 m in distance)
  5. testing point
  6. earthing system

    Internal lightning protection:

  7. potential equalization bar with connextion to water line, heating equipment, gas line, dry line of fire-extinguishing equipment, air-conditioning ducts, protective conductors of electrical equipment and live conductors of power plant (via surge protective device)
  8. earthing system for elevator guide rails
  9. earthing system for railings