Make use of our more than 60 years of experience and competence in the field of lightning protection.

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Defect lightning protection systems are a risk factor

  • Is the complete system of external and internal lightning protection in accordance with the state of art?
  • In which conditions are the earthing systems?
  • Is the lightning equipotential bonding system installed completely and according to the latest standards?
  • Are the surge protective devices (SPD┬┤s) installed correctly?
  • Is there any danger of inductive coupling?
  • Are the preventive measures for the operation of your computer system sufficient?

Our service program:

  • Lightning protection and EMV consulting services
  • Design of lightning protection systems
  • Testing of lightning protection systems according to DIN EN 62305, IEC and EN standards
    (inspections after completion, periodical follow-up tests, quality control)
  • Construction site management, third party field inspections
  • Expert`s reports
  • Risk assessment according to DIN EN 62305-2
  • Planning of lightning protectiion systems according to international standards
    (e.g. IEC 62305, BSI and U.S. standards)
  • General contractor services in the field of the lightning protection

Air-termination system for an office building


Air-termination system for protection of metallic roof fixtures
against direct lightning interception